To distill our Spirit of York Vodka we take the best from the past and marry it to the best of today.

We create carefully handcrafted small batches, in the 180 year old Distillery District, as they did all those years ago, using water from the township of Springwater, Ontario, acclaimed as the purest water in Canada ,and 100% Ontario Rye from farms in Southwestern Ontario.

We then select only the “hearts” of the liquid, the purest portion of the distillation, which is then aerated for a minimum of 21 days to create the smooth taste of our Spirit of York Vodka.

By combining time-honoured tradition with state of the art distilling equipment, we are able to capture all the rich complex flavour from our Ontario Rye in our authentic craft distilled Vodka.

Subtle nuttiness, with hints of spice and butter, our Spirit is unlike any other, a perfect balance of purity and clarity for a remarkable Vodka experience.

This is exactly what you should expect from a fine Vodka.

Discover the pure smooth taste for yourself.

Starting with the hearts of our spirits, our liquid is slowly and carefully imbued with the essence of our 15 selected botanicals.

Our meticulous and proprietary infusion process ensures that the rich character of the juniper, cinnamon, coriander, Angelica root, fennel seed, and other botanicals are balanced to deliver a unique Gin taste experience.

These spicy and savoury notes are paired with fresh citrus flavours and balanced with Cubeb Pepper and Star Anise for a crisp refreshing Gin.

Discover this elegant, distinctive taste for yourself.