7 Drink Trends To Expect In 2021

7 Drink Trends To Expect In 2021

Last year was no walk in the park; in fact, it was more like a daunting obstacle course. That’s why many of us were thrilled to usher into the new year and part from a year that no one will ever forget. The year 2021 is tied with the hope for better things to come. With the development and roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine, the promise of meeting loved ones in person and seeing the world with our own eyes again is within arm’s reach. And with things looking up, it’s always a good idea to celebrate – and every celebration calls for a toast.

Raise your glasses and let’s dive right into the 7 drink trends we expect in 2021!

1. To-Go Cocktails Will Continue to Thrive

With the onset of COVID-19 last year, bars and restaurants were forced to close their doors to indoor diners. This prompted provincial governments to allow businesses to sell alcoholic beverages in takeout varieties in order to allow them to continue seeing profits. This factor contributed largely to the rise of takeaway options such as canned cocktails and to-go cocktail kits. The global health crisis has the potential to be eliminated this year, but canned cocktails are here to stay, and with that, more unique large-scale operations.

2. Fruity Zests & Twists

There’s nothing like a shot of zesty citrus fruit to really embody the coming of summer. Bright and vibrant like the sun on a warm summer’s day, citrus fruits possess the ability to inject bursts of flavour into your mundane drinks (plus gives you the added benefit of Vitamin C).

You can go in two directions with this fruity drink trend. One is the path of the cosmopolitan with just a hint of citrus, and the other is the way of the boozy lemonade, where citrus is the star.

3. The Year of Rum

Whisky, gin, and vodka have always been top choices for mixologists and imbibers alike. However, this trifecta of alcoholic beverages is about to become a quartet with rum joining the ranks in 2021. Rum is set to see an exponential rise in sales this year, and might actually break its way back into the spotlight, especially among whisky enthusiasts.

4. Innovation Through At-Home Cocktail Creation

Quarantine has led all of us into new directions. Whether that meant learning a new language, doing intensive home decluttering, working on your overall health, or just binge eating and sleeping, it was all a new experience that we adapted to in order to keep ourselves entertained within the walls of our homes.

For those who spent their quarantine stocking their at home bar, this may have been your opportunity to polish your DIY cocktail mixing skills! Unfortunately, there's only so much you can do in your own kitchen if you’re not a professional mixologist. We wouldn’t blame you if you are now in dire need of drinks that are eccentric, flamboyant, and elevated. Let’s admit it, after one year of being good citizens who hibernate indoors, we deserve something amazing.

That’s why there is no doubt about it that 2021 will be a platform for you to explore unconventional cocktails. It’s time to leave your inhibitions behind and embark on new journeys with a new drink trend in your hand. Trust us, you haven’t truly lived until you’ve had a cocktail served in an eggshell or garnished with bacon and pickled vegetables.

5. The Age of Hard Seltzer

Next on our list of drink trends is one that not many people could see coming – hard seltzer. Not so long ago, seltzers were traditionally sold at supermarkets for people to enjoy at home as a casual beverage that contains less carbohydrates and calories than beer. It has become evident that times have changed and the same applies to this inconspicuous drink that has skyrocketed in terms of popularity.

Due to the temporary closure of bars, clubs, and restaurants, getting access to your go-to drink may have been a challenge for those who didn’t live in areas that served ready-to-drink canned cocktails. This change sparked a new age of hard seltzer-converts, and something tells us that once the bars and clubs reopen, they’re going to be adding more spiked drinks to their menu.

6. Hello Tropical Bars; Goodbye Tiki Bars

The Millennials and Gen Z demographics have called on movement for change in innumerable concepts. From tackling climate change and stigmas all the way to fighting against the toxic status quos embedded in a demanding society, today’s youth is making an immeasurable impact in the world. With people being more aware and sensitive towards multiple subjects that affect others, the notion of change has even spilled into the hospitality industry.

If you have gotten accustomed to the name, tiki bar, it’s time to unlearn it, because it is a term strongly associated with cultural appropriation. In order to respect other cultures, we may see tiki bars transform into “tropical bars” this year. This way, you can still unwind in exotic settings with your tropical-themed cocktails. Drink trends that mirror societal issues is something we think will be at the forefront of 2021.

7. Boxed Wine for Sustainability

Joining the club with boxed water is the upsurge of boxed wine, another adaptation brought about by the pandemic. Boxed wine was a hit in 2020 that will keep playing a role in 2021’s drink trends. Living the wine box life over bottled wine unlocks the door to better sustainability practices. Due to its structure, it preserves open wine better and is more hygienic than its bottled counterpart.

Before boxed-wine reaches the shelves, they first massively cut down production and transportation costs without compromising on quality and flavour. This 2021, join the switch from bottle to box, the environment will thank you for it.

Quality Spirits: The Drink Trend That Never Go Out of Style

2021 will open the doors to a myriad of drink trends that will take your taste buds on flavoursome journeys. One thing that you should keep in mind is that there is one drink trend that never goes out of style; quality.

Immerse yourself in spirits and liquors that embody upscale quality and elegance only at Spirit of York. Let us know what drink trend you can’t wait to take part in!

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