We Invite You To Experience The Spirit Of York Distillery

Our spacious Tasting Lounge, surrounded by exposed brick with the original wooden beams and supports, can accommodate up to 140 people for Black-Tie Gala Events, small relaxed family events, Off-site meetings, Birthday Celebrations, Wedding Receptions, Anniversary Parties, Seminars, or just a good old fashioned party, just for the fun of it.


  • The Ideal Ambiance

    The 2,500 sq. ft. Heritage Tasting Room offers an ideal setting to savor the experience. It boasts stunning views of distillation equipment, the aroma of botanicals, and the journey from grain to glass, culminating in the tasting of pure spring water and premium spirits.

  • Tradition Meets Innovation

    Our premium spirits are a unique blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology. Using state-of-the-art German equipment, including massive copper rectifying towers, we distill the liquid to its core. The result is heavenly, but it takes time to craft this exceptional spirit.

  • Savoring the Experience

    The "Spirits Hub" is a space for mixology innovation and education, featuring exposed brick, a bitters library, a Botanicals wall, and well-crafted mixology equipment. This carefully reimagined heritage setting, along with our Tasting Lounge, offers the perfect environment to savor our premium spirits in their true essence.

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