Alcohol Accessories: 10 Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

Alcohol Accessories: 10 Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

Tis the season to be jolly because the holidays are right around the corner! With fresh snow on the ground, trees decorated, and colourful lights adorning every house, it’s evident that the Yuletide season is practically in full swing. The holiday season is a time of love and reunion that is celebrated all over the world. While also being the season of giving, it’s customary to wrap presents for your family and friends, surprising them with gifts that made you think of them.

Whether you’re gifting a loved one, a colleague, a new friend, or an acquaintance, the most memorable presents are those that are meant to be shared. That’s why we’ve curated this list of 10 alcohol accessories for the one who likes to entertain, or just likes to enjoy their favourite spirit during the holidays.

These gift ideas are fun and functional alcohol accessories that can be added to any home bar or bar cart collection!

1. Spirit of York Gift Boxes

Spirit of York, located in the famous Distillery District, has created a variety of gift boxes gorgeously curated for your convenience. The Caesar gift box, pictured above, includes Walters Caesar Mix, rimmer, and vodka, is perfect for the friend who wants to recreate Caesar Sunday at home this holiday season! Other boxes include gin and tonic with tonic syrup and Ontarieau sparkling water. Show your support to small businesses by gifting locally-made spirits!

Orders can be made by emailing

2. The Essential Bar Book For Home Mixologists

Why settle for the same old drink, when you can mix up your own signature cocktails? Move out of your comfort zone and dare to make something new! 

Become a better home mixologist with the aid of this Essential Bar Book. This book goes over the key ingredients every bartender needs, tools, techniques and over 70 unique recipes to inspire you in your party planning endeavours.

3. Funky Rocks Glasses

With these fun rocks glasses, you can bring a little personality to your holiday cocktail party. Perfect for the vodka-lover in your life, this rocks glass lets everyone know exactly what you’re drinking.

4. Drink Pucks for Whisky

The best thing about whisky is its sweet smokey flavor. Best enjoyed with a touch of ice, the downside is it can easily get watered down. Solve this nuisance for your whisky enthusiast friends by giving them the gift of innovation.

These drink pucks are perfect for your hockey-loving friends. Shaped like hockey pucks, these whisky stones are made from authentic soapstone, or “eternal ice cubes.” Store in your freezer, they will be cold within 10-20 minutes and ready for cooling down your beverage of choice. Rinse and put back in the freezer to recharge for your next drink.

5. Bartesian At-Home Cocktail Machine

This Bartesian At-Home Cocktail Machine will fit right in next to your juicer and coffee maker. All you have to do is load the flavour mixing pods (cosmo, margarita, etc.) with your favourite spirits, like vodkagin, or whisky, et voila, you’ll have the perfect cocktail within seconds. This gift is for the friend who values convenience!

6. Stainless Steel Snapshot Flask

This generation is all about gorgeous aesthetic and Instagram-worthy content. People take photos of everything nowadays, because if you didn’t capture it on camera, did it even happen?

If you have friends or family members who always have their camera at the ready, then this stainless steel snapshot flask is perfect for them. Nothing screams photogenic more than this beautiful flask that resembles a vintage camera. With 11 oz capacity, made of elegant stainless steel, faux leather, and a removable strap, you can hang this little treasure around your neck to resemble an actual camera. It’s definitely the perfect gift for your quirky fun-loving friends.

7. Tabletop Bar Set

Has your loved one always wanted a home bar but doesn’t have the space? This Legacy Tabletop Cocktail Set has everything you could ever need to make the perfect drink. Made from acacia wood, this space-saving bar kit includes 19 stainless steel and glass accessories. Open up for a beautiful two-tiered display, when not in use close it up and tuck it away!

8. Handmade Coaster Set

For the “Monica” in your life who loves entertaining... without the drink rings staining her beautiful table. This stunning handmade coaster set will match their levels of finesse; designed with striking white, black, and gold details, these hexagonal coasters will make the ideal Christmas present. They have even been embellished with real mirror bits for an extra boost of stylish radiance.

Aside from being perfect for holding drinks, these coasters can even be used as trinket trays. Who doesn’t love multipurpose presents?

9. Personalized Whisky Decanter

Make your holidays even more special with this exquisite whisky decanter set. Each piece exudes polished elegance and sleek sophistication. In addition to providing the ultimate drinking experience by displaying your whisky prestinely, the best part of this wonderful gift is that you can even opt to have it personalized. Your whisky enthusiast friends will definitely love seeing their new decanter set embellished with their name. A touch of customization showcases the extra thoughtfulness you put into the gift buying process.

10. Caesar Drink Socks

If you love something you should wear it on your sleeve. However, in this case, you can flaunt your love for cocktails on your feet! Funky patterned socks make great holiday presents, so if you have a friend who loves a refreshing Caesar and has an extensive collection of graphic socks, nothing could be more perfect than this gift. Made with cotton, polyester, and spandex, this eccentric pair of socks fits most sizes and truly stands out in a crowd. 

Support Your Local Distillery this Holiday Season

Wherever your holiday shopping takes you, it’s always a good idea to abide by the saying: “It’s the thought that counts” because that’s what gift-giving is all about. It’s about giving something to someone that shows how much you know and care about them.

While you’re out shopping for your spirit enthusiast loved ones, we recommend giving them alcohol accessories in combination with their favourite spirits. Visit Spirit of York in The Distillery District or browse our online catalogue to shop through a wide array of exquisite alcoholic beverages.

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