From Grain To Glass: Bill And Diane Truax Of Aquapur

From Grain To Glass: Bill And Diane Truax Of Aquapur

From Grain To Glass is a series on Spirit of York that showcases some of the local partners we work with that provide the ingredients needed to help make our spirits. Their story is an extension of ours and we’re proud to share them #ThisIsOurSpirit

When we say we’re all about the fine details, we mean it.

All great things start on a clean canvas, and if we were to call our spirits the final masterpiece, we’d say that Aquapur provides us the best canvas possible in order to help us create that masterpiece.

Bill and Diane Truax are the husband-wife duo that operate Aquapur; suppliers of some of the purest water in the world located right in Springwater, ON. Their water, which comes from their property well, acts as the foundation for all our spirits and anchors all the ingredients we throw into it during our distillation process.

Crisp, refreshing and nature’s greatest gift -- Bill and Diane’s water is what holds our spirits together. This is their story:

The Well That Could

Aquapur first started 50 years ago, with Bill’s father who started the business.

“It started by delivering to locals, to help get them out of a jam,” said Bill, who noted that the inception of the business started out of a passionate to help the local community. They supplied water to farmers who were struggling with their own water supply but in dire need to water their crops. Their small local initiative only grew over time, and even more once people caught wind of how much water they had and how great the quality was.

It was that reputation that allowed Aquapur to get passed along to Bill and Diane, who now get so busy with orders that they do the job full-time together.

Today, they supply their water to just about anyone. Apart from breweries and distilleries, they’ve also supplied to local fire departments, hospitals, and pools -- a popular request made during the summertime.

But Bill and Diane both agree that the best part of their job is being able to help those in need, like the one time they supplied the entire village of Warminster, ON with fresh water for four days straight. The community had no water, so they answered the call and helped provide some for them until they could get back on their feet again. It’s moments like this that make the job all worthwhile and remind them to never take fresh water for granted.

“We’re very fortunate to be able to provide such clean water for everybody,” said Diane. “Whether it's for drinking water, for production of product, or whatever the case is -- we’re just thrilled to death that we can provide such pure water.”

Cheers To Mother Nature

“It’s naturally purified,” said Bill, referring to the 400 foot well that lives on their property. “Nothing purifies water better than mother nature.”

The water that ends up in Bill and Diane’s well is naturally purified thanks to the many layers of sand granules that helps filter it clean. To ensure that it all stays at top quality, they test their well monthly and ensure that it meets Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environment guidelines that they need to adhere to.

Diane noted that the supply of wells are heavily dependent on weather patterns and rainfall. When it doesn’t rain for a period of time, dry wells are always a concern, but thankfully for Bill and Diane, theirs remain pretty consistent throughout the year.

The Best In The World

Calling their water “the freshest” or “purest” in the world, isn’t just a slogan or tagline -- it’s a fact. Diane recalled the time their well was tested by a local professor who compared their well water to samples around the world and confirmed what many in the local community already knew to be true -- that their water was some of the purest in the world.

“We’re blessed in this province, very blessed. There’s a lot of good things that some people take for granted but if you look around, we’re very, very fortunate [...] it’s nice to see people wise up and take advantage of what we have,” said Bill.

Spirit of York started working with Bill and Diane in 2017 after meeting them at their exhibit at a local fair. In an effort to make spirits that are world class, we knew we needed the best ingredients to make them. So when we heard about Aquapur and the reputation they had, it was crystal clear -- we had to work with them. And it’s safe to say, we haven’t looked back since.

Things came full circle for Bill and Diane when they attended Spirit Of York’s Friends and Family event in the Distillery shortly after it’s official opening. They got to learn about the history and genesis of the product as well as meet other local suppliers and staff that help contribute to Spirit Of York’s products. They tried some of our signature spirits, but recall being particularly impressed with the Spirit Of York Vodka which they thought was very smooth, and featured a very pleasant after-taste. The best part? The sense of pride in knowing their water was a part of making it.

“Some of the best products in the world are made right here in Ontario,” said Bill, referring to Spirit of York as an example. “We’re just part of their process. I’m glad we’re a part of it and I’m proud they can find such pure water for the product here.”

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