How To Host A Virtual Cocktail Class

How To Host A Virtual Cocktail Class

Thanks to the wonders of technology, society has been able to pivot our social culture to digital platforms and apps in order to connect with our peers and loved ones. The year 2020 has taught us that virtually anything can be done online. From working to virtual concerts, all the way to Zoom parties, you may be thinking about how you could contribute to this growing online ecosystem and community.

Are you looking for fun, interactive ways to stay in touch with your friends, family or colleagues? Or, are you a skilled mixologist who is looking for a way to make money while staying at home. Both of these are valid reasons to try hosting a virtual cocktail class!

Harness your cocktail-making abilities in combination with the power of video call conferencing to share your love for locally-sourced spirits and the drinks they can create. You don’t have to be an expert to host a virtual cocktail class; that’s why we’ve created this blog. Keep reading for amazing tips on how to successfully host an event of your own!

Selecting Your Platform

Choose a video conferencing application that best suits your needs and that of your attendees. Whether you decide on using Zoom, Skype, Google Meets, Cisco Webex, or Slack, make sure that it’s a platform that allows you to conveniently share your event as effectively as possible. You want to choose a platform that can host the right amount of people that are interested in attending your event.

Bar Tools or Kits

Before getting started, you’ll need to create your game plan when it comes to materials and ingredients. You can give your attendees the option to bring their own spirits, syrups, liqueurs, and cocktail paraphernalia or opt to have a special cocktail kit shipped to them (depending on if you will be charging a fee for this event).

This is your chance to curate the most impressive cocktail kit they have ever seen. Fill it with all the essentials and stamp it with your signature aesthetic. If you are not providing your attendees with a bar kit, you can send out a list of alternative devices they can use in their place.

Keep it Simple: At-Home Bar Tools

Measuring Cups as a Jigger

Precision is one of the most important components of mixing cocktails. An error in quantity or quality can change their entire flavour profile. Don’t let this happen to your attendees by ensuring everyone has access to a quality jigger or measuring cup. One quarter cup equals exactly two ounces, which is the standard measurement for a singular cocktail. For smaller drinks, one tablespoon equals one half-ounce.

Mason Jar as a Shaker

The primary use of a shaker is to mix your ingredients accurately. It helps in effectively integrating all of the cocktail’s ingredients in order to render exquisite blends of flavour. Mason jars are the perfect at-home alternative. Just toss all your ingredients inside, fill with ice, screw on the lid, and you’re good to go! For added convenience, you can drink straight out of the jar with a straw.

Slotted Spoon as a Strainer

The three essential cocktail strainers are fine mesh, julep, and Hawthorne. The strainer is mainly used to keep ice from leaving the shaker and entering the glass as you pour the drink. An effective alternative to a professional strainer is a slotted spoon. Simply flip the spoon upside down, resting it against the shaker or mason jar’s lip, and pour it into a glass. If you’re mixing a drink with crushed ice, you can use a tea leaf strainer as an alternative.

The Butt of a Wooden Spoon as a Muddler

A muddler is an indispensable piece of bar equipment, especially when you’re concocting classic mojitos, caipirinhas, and mint juleps. It is used to crush herbs and fruits in order to release their natural juices and aromas into the drink. If you don’t have a muddler handy, find the thickest wooden spoon you can find. The butt of the spoon can be used to the same effect!

Chopsticks as a Bar Spoon

A bar spoon, also commonly referred to as a mixing spoon, is a long-stemmed piece of cutlery that is specifically designed to stir drinks in tall narrow glasses. Chopsticks are a great alternative because they are light and nimble enough to stir quickly, but not put strain on your wrists.

Rind Peeler

A lot of cocktails incorporate the juices and aromas of fruit rinds. Classics like martinis with a twist are garnished with a lemon rind, or some like their gin and tonics with a cucumber rind. A vegetable peeler with a wide mouth is the ideal tool for cutting through rinds of citrus fruit, cucumber, and other fruit or veggies that are popularly used as cocktail garnishes.


Make sure your attendees are equipped with a vessel to house their freshly-made cocktail! While each cocktail is a unique entity that is defined and identified by its signature glass, it’s not entirely necessary for your virtual cocktail class to expect each individual to have a fully-stocked bar. In this case, encourage your guests to bring their favourite glass!

Choosing the Cocktails

This is where the fun begins! You can either take a poll before your virtual cocktail class to see what spirits your attendees prefer to drink, or you can choose to recreate the classics, have a themed night, or learn a new drink as a team.

Make sure you decide this at least a week before your virtual cocktail class to give everyone enough time to gather their ingredients. If you are offering this class at a fee, you can either send the ingredients to your clients or offer the class at a reduced price.

Class Flow

Assuming that your virtual cocktail class lasts an average of two hours, you can schedule the flow of the class to look something like this: start with an introduction, a demonstration, and most importantly, allot time for questions.

Plan how many cocktails you will be making during the class and make it a point to integrate some social time, so you can all talk amongst yourselves while enjoying the delectable cocktails you all just made. The most important part of hosting a virtual cocktail class is to encourage people to have fun with it!

If this is a business endeavour, consider integrating social media by getting your attendees to post about the event. You can also get your guests to fill out quick feedback surveys afterwards. This can really help you see what you did right, as well as find ways to improve and enjoy the compliments you receive along the way!

Host a Virtual Cocktail Class With High-Quality Products

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