Spirit Of York Re-Dedicates Production Facilities Towards Producing Hand Sanitizer

Spirit Of York Re-Dedicates Production Facilities Towards Producing Hand Sanitizer

For FAQs regarding our hand sanitizer, please scroll to the bottom of the page. 

As the world fights to stop the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing and an increased focus on personal hygiene, hand sanitizer has become a scarce commodity throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Spirit of York, which operates out of the Distillery District in Toronto, is working to combat this shortage by using the alcohol from their facilities to produce an alcohol based hand sanitizer solution. The hand sanitizer has been carefully crafted to follow the strict guidelines of the World Health Organization.

The sanitizer will be offered on-site at the distillery starting March 19th, and until supplies last. All proceeds from the sale of this hand sanitizer will be going to the Food Bank in order to support community members that have restricted access to food, or for those who are unable to leave their homes.


  • Open Wednesday to Sunday from 11am - 8pm, or until quantities run out (closed Sundays, Mondays)

  • Product will be available at a service window

  • 10 bottles (max) per person

  • Product is $3 with proceeds given to local food banks

  • Free for those who can't afford it, and/or people over 65

“As a company, we have always maintained a focus on the spirit of community and giving back,” says Gerry Guitor, Founder of Spirit of York. “Now that we are in our greatest hour of need, we have been working hard to find new ways to give back. Using our facilities to produce hand sanitizer seemed like a perfect way to support the public while also giving back to more vulnerable communities.” Since starting in 2017, Spirit of York has actively contributed to their local community through various initiatives. Spirit of York has always maintained a policy of dedicating 10% of overall proceeds to social and cultural groups across the province including The Art Gallery of Ontario, The Canadian Opera Company, The National Ballet of Canada, and many more. 

Located in Toronto's historic Distillery District, Spirit of York Distillery Co. is committed to crafting Canada's best tasting spirits. Using the finest locally-sourced rye and water from the Canadian Shield, the spirits are truly an authentic Ontarian product -- from grain to glass. 

Spirit of York fuses time-honoured distillation techniques with modern processes, to deliver a superior quality with a taste of the unexpected. Their goal is to remind all Canadians that we are capable of creating great quality products right here at home.


What time are you open?

We are open Tuesday to Saturday, 11-6 p.m and closed on Sundays, Mondays. For all the latest updates, please follow us  across all social media platforms at @spiritofyork.  

Where is your hand sanitizer available? / Do you do delivery? / Can I order online? 

Our hand sanitizer is only available at our distillery at this time (12 Trinity St, Toronto, ON). We do not have delivery available and customers cannot place orders online.   

How many bottles of hand sanitizer can I purchase?

Due to overwhelming demand, we are capping it at ten bottles per customer.   

How much is each bottle of hand sanitizer?  

Each bottle is $3, with all proceeds going to local food banks. It is also free to those who cannot afford it or those who are over 65 years old.   

Can I donate more money than the $3 for hand sanitizer?  

Yes, you can! We welcome donations beyond the price of the bottle. ALL proceeds will go to local food banks.   

Can I purchase spirits while picking up a bottle of hand sanitizer? 

Yes, you can. Customers can purchase our spirits and hand sanitizers at our walk-up window.  

Do you still have hand sanitizer available? I’m planning to go by your distillery today. 

Please follow us on social media at @spiritofyork for all the latest updates. If we are running low or sell out, we will notify our followers there.  Please check-in daily for the latest updates!   

I’m contacting you from an organization // doctor’s office // shelter, etc… and we are in need of hand sanitizers. Can we make an order?  For special requests like this, please complete the following Sanitizer Order Form and a member from our team will get back to you. Please keep in mind that we’re receiving an overwhelming amount of inquiries at this time, so please be patient with us. But rest assured we will get back to you and definitely want to help if we can. 

If you have a question that was not answered here, please contact san@spiritofyork.com. Please keep in mind that we’re receiving an overwhelming amount of inquiries at this time, and will try our best to respond in a timely manner.

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