A Story With A Beginning,A Middle And No End In Sight.

They say the spirit knows no bounds. That’s why the vision for Spirit of York was always a big, bold, aspirational, enduring goal – to craft some of the world’s most premium, best-tasting spirits. Toronto is a world-class city, deserving of world-class spirits. Capable of rivalling those made in any other major market or city. Spirit of York is that spirit.

But premium spirits don’t happen by accident. They require a relentless tenacity and commitment to the never-ending process of crafting and refining our methods. It means never being satisfied with anything being less than it can be. That’s why, from grain-to-glass we uphold our exceptionally high-standards throughout.

We take pride and hold ourselves to a higher standard. That’s why when you visit Spirit of York you’ll see that our entire back wall is floor-to-ceiling glass. We have nothing to hide. We never skip a step. We never sacrifice quality. And that’s a difference you can taste with just one sip.

This transparency is at the very heart and soul of our culture; the values, beliefs and principles that guide our every decision and action. Displayed in every team members approach and attitude in all they do. Everything we do is done with just one goal in mind, to create the best-tasting, premium spirits. And it’s also why each bottle is proudly filled and sealed by hand.